Ben Affleck To Return For ‘The Accountant’ Sequel?

By Creative Media Times

It looks like Ben Affleck is assembling a new franchise. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is gearing up for a sequel to ‘The Accountant’, Affleck’s 2016 crime-thriller vehicle directed by Gavin O’Connor.

The article reports that both director O’Connor and star Affleck are returning, and possibly Jon Bernthal as well, whose character is part of the surprising twist towards the end of the movie.

This move from the studio is a bit of a surprise. The movie itself was a moderate success. It received mixed reviews and grossed $155 million worldwide on a $44 million production budget.

But the story and the film’s ending left plenty of potential for follow-ups. The film follows Christian “Chris” Wolff, a certified public accountant and skilled assassin who grew up with high-functioning autism. Chris tracks insider financial deceptions for criminal enterprises, and receives assignments from an unidentified woman over the phone.

Deadline did not report a production schedule nor release for The Account sequel. But Affleck will next be seen as Batman on November 17 in Justice League, also from WB.