Antler Interactive Announces Fantasy RPG ‘Cloudborn’, Playable Demo Available at GDC 2024

RPG-CloudbornSwedish game studio Antler Interactive has revealed its pioneering new title, Cloudborn, today. Cloudborn is a community-driven fantasy RPG with an ever-changing game world, tradeable unique characters with attached personalities, and free-roaming exploration across a sea of floating islands via your personal airship.

Antler Interactive will have a playable demo of Cloudborn at GDC 2024, available at the Inworld AI Booth on March 21, and the Blockchain Game Alliance Booth on March 22. You can book a time to see the demo and meet with the team here.

Cloudborn is taking several cutting-edge approaches to game design, using advanced generative AI and blockchain technology. Each character you interact with will remember what you say and how you treat them. Your interactions will stick with them as attached personalities via blockchain metadata, transferrable to other players as NFTs. Cloudborn is a living, responsive world that truly feels alive.

You can watch the Cloudborn announcement here: