Triggertrap Mobile iOS app turns iPhone into DSLR trigger

by Chris Smith

Triggertrap Mobile iOS app

New iOS app triggers your DSLR camera shutter through a host of pre-programmed ways. Triggertrap brings creative time-lapse photography, but can be programmed for facial and sound recognition.

A new app for iOS devices allows you to automatically trigger your DSLR camera through a means of innovative shooting modes.

The Triggertrap Mobile app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch features over a dozen shooting modes including creative distance and time-lapse features and the ability to take a snap every time it recognises a face, sound or movement.
Perhaps the most interesting elements are Distance-Lapse and Eased Timelapse modes, ideal for road-tripping and capturing the journey. The former, Distance-Lapse mode, will automatically trigger a shot at a predetermined distance, making use of the GPS signal on your iOS device.

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