Sony Launches World’s Fastest Personal Internet in Japan

Steven Bogos

So-net Entertainment’s ‘Nuro’ fiber service for home use will support a whopping 2gbps downstream.

We all knew Japan has some pretty awesome internet speeds, but this is just getting ridiculous. So-net Entertainment, an ISP backed by Sony, announced its ‘Nuro’ fiber service for home use, which supports download speeds of up to 2gbps. As in two gigabits. To put that into perspective, the average internet speed in the US is around 3mbps, with the fastest available internet capping out at around 150mbps. This means that So-net’s Nuro service is up to 13 times faster than the fastest internet in the US.

The service also boasts 1gbps uploads and will be available to homes, apartments, and small businesses in Tokyo and six surrounding prefectures. What should you expect to pay for this monster connection? $200 a month? More? Hardly. The service will be available for just 4,980 yen a month (around $51 USD). I used to pay that for my crappy, less-than-1mbps ADSL back when I lived in Australia…

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