Pink Flubs Lyrics During A Concert

So what…she’s always gonna be a Rockstar!

By Michelle Bordage

Here’s the scoop all. It all went down at Madison Square Garden on April 4th 2018. Singer/songwriter Pink, now 38 years old, was in the middle of her hit song “Who Knew” (2006) and forgot the lyrics to the second verse! Talk about embarrassing!

A lot of mega-superstars would of froze, not Pink though. She is such a professional (as well as a very real person), that she literally laughed it off, told her fans: “I forgot the words. S&*^! So what!”. After a good laugh between herself and her fans, like the champion vocalist she is, jumped right into the chorus of So What and finished the song. You can only imagine how the crowd went wild!

This is not the very first time that this not 1, 2, but 3-time Grammy winner Pink, (Alecia Beth Moore), has had a blank moment, in (2017) at the Britain’s V Festival, she again forgot the lyrics in a second verse to her then (new) song “What about us”.

Once again, this talented professional announced to her fans in her comedic way, “I’m so sorry! I just wrote this song, I don’t know it yet, it usually takes me at least 4 years to learn a song”. She then went on through the night poking fun at herself stating “I know this one…I think”.

Although Pink forgot the lyrics, she didn’t forget to rock it out in a gorgeous, metallic skin-tight body-suit. She really delivered when she gave her fans what they came to see, her majestic aerial moves dangling high in the air as she sang hit song “Try”.

Pink has come a long way since releasing her first album “Can’t take me Home” in 2,000, which only sold 2 million copies. Since then, she has been graced with 3 Grammy’s, 7 MTV video awards, and 5 American music awards. And in my belief, she’s only begun to “Get the party started”.

Pinks 2018 Beautiful Trauma Tour-dates

16th and 17th Washington D.C.
19th Charlottesville
21st Atlanta
24th Orlando
25th Fort Lauderdale
28th and 29th Houston

1st and 2nd Dallas
8th Denver
9th Salt Lake City
12th Vancouver
13th Seattle
15th Portland
18th and 19th Oakland
22nd Fresno
23rd Ontario
25th Anaheim
26th Las Vegas
28th San Diego
31st Los Angeles

Pinks Beautiful Trauma tour continues through September 2018. For additional dates, details, or to see if Pink is coming to a town near you, Simply go to: Http://