New Godzilla trailer is epic

By Armando

After much anticipation, teasers and movie poster releases over the last few weeks, the Godzilla trailer is finally out and it’s epic!

This new trailer follows the first teaser released months ago. But this one ups the ante further in scale. The trailer doesn’t completely provide a full view of Godzilla, but enough of the the Japanese monster’s scale and detail that gives us glimpses of how much damage and destruction Godzilla will leave in its wake.

Here we see soldiers air-dropping onto the monster, a shot of a damaged Statue of Liberty, and a truly epic shot of Godzilla rising out of the ocean. I also find the premise that the nuclear tests in the Pacific, originally the source of awakening the giant creature, were actually intended to destroy Godzilla is very intriguing.

All that promises a lot of action and suspense which hopefully washes the bad taste of that cheese 1998 version. Overall its looking like a massive improvement. And that Bryan Cranston… he is mad as hell!
Godzilla opens May 16, 2014

Director: Gareth Edwards
Starring: Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen
Release: 16 May 2014 (USA)