“Knives Out” Sequel Officially Happening

By Creative Media Times


Private detective Benoit Blanc is set to return to the case for a sequel to last year’s boxoffice and critical hit “Knives Out”, this according to Deadline.

The article says the original’s director, Rian Johnson is already developing the sequel, which could potentially lead into a franchise for distributor Lionsgate. The studio has clearly been searching for its next major franchise after The Hunger Games ended, and it certainly looks like the Daniel Craig starrer fits the bill.

The star-studded film was a big success for the studio, grossing $300 million worldwide against a relatively modest budget of $40 million, becoming of the surprise hits last year.

The film went on to receive plenty of award nominations, including Golden Globe noms for a Musical or Comedy category, including Best Motion Picture, Best Actor for lead star Daniel Craig, and Best Actress for Ana de Armas.