“Kneecap” Premieres at 2024 Sundance Film Festival

By Armando

“Kneecap” recently had its world premiere at 2024 Sundance Film Festival on Thursday, January 18, 2024, at Prospector Square at Park City, Utah as part of this year’s highlights in the NEXT section.

Directed by Rich Peppiatt in his debut feature, the film provides a semi-fictionalized origins and formation of the ground-breaking Belfast, Northern Ireland-based hip-hop trio Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí, and their dramatic rise to stardom.

Peppiatt also wrote the script, with Jack Tarling and Trevor Birney as producers.

“Kneecap” is the first Irish-language film to premiere at Sundance. Michael Fassbender also co-stars in the film, along with Simone Kirby, Jessica Reynolds, Fionnula Flaherty and Josie Walker. All three rappers play themselves in the film in their acting debuts.

After the showing, the group cast and the filmmaker took the stage to discuss the movie.

Below are red carpet photos from the premiere, featuring the hip-hop trio Mo Chara, Móglaí Bap, and DJ Próvaí, director Peppiatt, the rest of the cast and producers, and an unexpected appearance by, um, wait, a sniffer dog.

Photos: aipimaging.com