Kate Winslet Joins Director James Cameron’s Sequel To Avatar

By Creative Media Times

Photo by: Andrea Raffin

Twenty years after boarding the Titanic, Kate Winslet is reuniting with the big boat’s captain James Cameron. Deadline reported Tuesday that the English actress is joining “Avatar” sequels.

“Kate and I have been looking for something to do together for 20 years, since our collaboration on Titanic, which was one of the most rewarding of my career,” says the director. Cameron adds that Winslet will be playing a character named Ronal, but didn’t mention how significant the role is.

Titanic was the highest grossing film of all time until Cameron broke that same record with Avatar in 2010. Along with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, the epic romance-disaster film also brought Winslet global stardom.

Since then, Winslet has won an Academy Award Best Actress for her role in The Reader. She’s set to appear in two films this year: the romantic-disaster film The Mountain Between Us opposite Idris Elba, and Woody Allen’s drama film Wonder Wheel.

Last week, it was reported that production for Avatar sequels has began. Cameron will be shooting the sequels back-to-back and will cost $1 Billion making it the “most expensive shoot of its kind.” Last April, Avatar production team announced via their Facebook page that the four movies will be released in December of 2020, 2021, 2024 and 2025.