Huge leak suggests Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will outclass the iPhone 6

By Zach Epstein

There are two strings of smartphone launches this year that are obviously the most highly anticipated of 2014. The first comes from Apple, which is expected to launch an iPhone 6 with a larger display as well as a phablet-sized iPhone. Perhaps just as eagerly anticipated, however, is Samsung’s Galaxy S5 lineup. Galaxy S5 rumors have been coming hot and heavy in recent months and while there are a number of conflicting reports out there, even leaks that contradict each other may still end up panning out.

Why? Considering how many different Galaxy S4 models Samsung has debuted so far — some as recently as last week — we can probably look forward to several different Galaxy S5 versions debuting this year beginning in March or April.

While the various Galaxy S5 reports out there have come from sites with varying track records, one of the latest leaks comes from a rather convincing source.

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