First Trailer For Supernatural Thriller “Sunrise” Released

sunrise-filmThe first trailer for Lionsgate’s new vampire movie “Sunrise” has been released. The film is set for release early next year. Guy Pearce (Prometheus, Alien: Covenant) and Alex Pettyfer (The Infernal Machine) star in the spine-tingling thriller about an ex-cop turned vampire who is forced to choose between vengeance and redemption.

“Sunrise” is directed by Andrew Baird, and written by Ronan Blaney (Boogaloo and Graham).

The film is slated for simultaneous release in theaters and on digital on Jan. 19, 2024

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

When an ex-cop named Fallon returns to the scene of a horrific crime, the residents of a rural town soon discover that this dark visitor is really a vampire who feeds on blood and fear. After he is befriended by a kind immigrant family, the instinctive killer is faced with a choice between revenge and redemption. Guy Pearce and Alex Pettyfer star in this thrilling tale penned by Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter Ronan Blaney.