Canon releases new camera that can capture the beauty of space

Astrophotography enthusiasts can now take great images of the sky without modifying cameras
by Mariella Moon

Many expensive DSLR cameras aren’t optimized to shoot great photos of the heavens, especially of the night sky, right out of the box. Astrophotographers, photographers who mainly take pictures of astronomical objects, usually have to learn how to tweak their camera settings to best capture the wonders of space. Now, Canon has released a new product that makes astrophotography easy even for beginners.

The new Canon EOS 60Da Digital SLR Camera is three times more sensitive to hydrogen-alpha energy — the reddish light given off by hydrogen found in nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters among other objects in space — than other DSLRs. Thus, you can use the camera to capture vivid out of this world photos that show a lot more detail than what images taken by ordinary DSLRs would show.

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