Apple’s mea culpa: U.K. site posts apology, new statement

After testing a British court’s patience with a not so apologetic public statement, the iPhone and iPad maker is finally eating humble pie.

by Zack Whittaker

Apple’s U.K. Web site now includes a prominent, hard to miss apology after a U.K. appeals court found a previously published statement to be “untrue.”
(Credit: Screenshot by Zack Whittaker/CNET)

Apple has reissued and updated its Samsung “apology” statement on its British Web site after a U.K. Court of Appeal found it to be “untrue” and “incorrect.”

It comes of weeks of back and forth from the U.K. courts after Samsung scored a rare legal win over Apple, after the iPhone and iPad maker lost an iPad design patent suit it brought to the British court against rival tablet maker Samsung.