We’re always looking for contributors to the site. If you have anything worth publishing that is within the field of creative media, please feel free to contact us.

<strong>Topics we’re interested in:</strong>

1. Movies: reviews, news, festivals, current events, awards shows, artist spotlight, etc
2. Music: reviews, albums, concerts, current events, artist spotlight, etc
<del datetime=”2017-03-16T17:14:30+00:00″>3. Comics (full)</del>
4. TV shows or theater
4. Tech: gadgets, product releases, reviews, tech events, hardware/software, etc.
5. Fashion: events, trends, brands, reviews, etc.
6. Advertising: news, reviews or editorial about commercials, youtube video, tweet regarding a brand, product, etc.
7. Arts, culture, architecture and lifestyle
8. anything you can think of that’s related to “creative media”. ex:
politics: a politician’s fashion, or attending a show, or references to anything creative media
9. Sports: same as above.

Well, you get the idea. “Creative Media” is a broad subject open to your interpretation.

<strong>Here’s how it works:</strong>

1. Send the topic of your article before you write it
2. If we agree on the topic, write the article and send it to us
3. If we agree to post the article (1 or 2 days max) payment will be sent via Paypal before your article is published (expect Paypal to deduct a fee, ex. for every $7, you will most likely receive around $6.40).


1. News articles: $7
2. Interview assignments: $20 ($13 for 10 min interview; $7 for article)

(expect Paypal to deduct a fees, ex. for every $7, you will most likely receive around $6.40)

<strong>Notes: </strong>

1. Your name will be attached as writer of article, and linked to your email.
2. Article you submit should not appear on any other website, publication or school paper (meaning the article should be exclusive to
3. Article should have minimum of 400 words.
4. For immediate transaction, send your article via your paypal email. So if we approve it, you can be paid faster, and the article can also be posted immediately.
5. There is no limit to topics/articles you can submit.

If you need further info, send us an email:

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