‘Lincoln’ Premieres At NYFF: Daniel Day-Lewis Performance Is Overwhelming


As Deadline revealed exclusively last week, the Steven Spielberg-directed Lincoln made a surprise world premiere at the New York Film Festival on Monday evening. It has been one of the wildcards in the Oscar conversation. I saw it tonight. I thought Daniel Day-Lewis was a deserving Oscar winner for My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood, and that he probably should have won for In The Name Of The Father. But this really is his best performance. He becomes Lincoln, beyond an uncanny physical resemblance. He has fully fleshed out the 16th U.S. President into a living, breathing man. He captures his intelligence, his grasp of the high stakes of prolonging the Civil War until he can get the votes to abolish slavery for good, and moments of charm and sly wit that brightened the darkness around him as the country was in the fourth year of a war that had to end.

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AT&T First To Launch Galaxy Camera; Samsung Defines New Category With 4G Connected Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera™ combines high performance photography and AT&T 4G wireless connectivity to enable seamless sharing across devices and with social media

DALLAS, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — AT&T* and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile)1 today announced the Samsung Galaxy Camera™ coming to AT&T. The Galaxy Camera combines high performance photography with Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean and AT&T 4G mobile internet connectivity, resulting in a powerful point and shoot camera with a familiar, intuitive user interface and access to all of your favorite Android applications from the Google Play™ market.

The Galaxy Camera is a perfect fit for those who wish to shoot, edit and share brilliant photographs and video easily and quickly without connecting to a laptop or PC. The Galaxy Camera features a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD screen, boasts a 21x optical zoom lens and a super-bright 16MP BSI CMOS sensor for shooting high-quality images close up and in low light conditions. This device is powered by a quad-core 1 GHz processor for quick and responsive performance ensuring you can capture the shots you want. It also includes powerful features like Smart Pro Mode technology, which allows you to toggle through a series of pre-set options that simplify the processes for taking professional-level images.
For more information, please visit www.samsung.com.

Goyer Talks His “Man of Steel” Approach

By Garth Franklin

“Batman Begins” scribe David Goyer says his work on the script for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot “Man of Steel” shares a lot of parallels with his work on the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy.

BadTaste reports that Goyer spoke at Rome Fiction Fest this week and said what he and producer Chris Nolan are doing with “Man of Steel” is to try and “bring the same naturalistic approach that we adopted for the Batman trilogy. We always had a naturalistic approach, we want our stories to be rooted in reality, like they could happen in the same world we live in.”

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Microsoft revamping its MSN portal for Win8, IE10 users

Microsoft will launch a revamped MSN portal on October 26, the day Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs and tablets go on sale. Here’s what to expect.

by Mary Jo Foley

Microsoft plans to make a touch-optimized version of its MSN portal available to users running Windows 8/Windows RT and Internet Explorer 10 as of October 26.

Microsoft officials are showing off a near-final preview of that portal in New York during Advertising Week, which kicks off this week on October 1. They also will be showing off new touch-centric Windows 8/Windows RT ads that will be available on MSN and on select Windows Store apps during this week’s advertising confab.

The updated MSN portal will be available only to Windows 8/Windows RT and IE 10 users, starting with those in Microsoft’s 11 biggest markets worldwide, said Bob Visse, General Manager of MSN.com. It will not be viewable by the public until October 26, the day Windows 8 goes on sale at retail — even by those who already are running the final version of Windows 8. Consumers using older versions of Windows and Internet Explorer (or other third-party browsers) won’t have access to the updated MSN experience for the foreseeable future, he said.

Givenchy, Hermes and Celine get elegant at Paris Fashion Week

PARIS — True style doesn’t try too hard.

That was the statement at Paris Fashion Week, alarmingly simple, but proved in a number of ready-to-wear presentations Sunday which heralded a move towards clean, simplified elegance.

Celine designer Phoebe Philo — at the top of her game — produced a chic display, effortlessly.

Three years after the lauded Briton’s Celine debut, she delivered a strong show, which evoked her boho-bourgeois style in soft silhouettes with subtle architecture.

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Apple Music Streaming Service Stalled in Per-Song Rights Fee Talks with Sony/ATV

Cole Garner Hill

We first started hearing murmurs of Apple’s intentions to enter the Internet music streaming service game around the time of the company’s big iPhone 5 event, and now it seems we may be waiting a little longer than expected. Speaking to a “source close to the situation,” Sony/ATV, the world’s largest music publisher, and Apple can’t reach an agreement on a per-song rights fee, according to the New York Post.

Such rights are usually a fraction of a cent per stream, but Sony/ATV was allegedly seeking a higher royalty rate from Apple.

Apple is seeking far more flexible licensing than the agreements Pandora, the current dominant Internet radio service, has managed to arrange. Apple’s licenses would allow users to play a selected artist more times than Pandora, and would allow the company to point people to the iTunes Store to generate music sales.
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Billboard Hot 100 Singles – Week of Oct 06, 2012

1. Maroon 5, “One More Night”
2. PSY, “Gangnam Style”

3. fun., “Some Nights”
4. Taylor Swift, “We ARe Never Ever Getting Back Together”

5. P!nk, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”
6. Flo Rida, “Whistle”

7. Justin Bieber f/ Big Sean, “As Long As You Love Me”
8. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen, “Good Time”

9. Alex Clare, “Too Close”

10.Ellie Goulding, “Lights”

iPhone 5 Falls Short on First-Weekend Sales

By Andrew Tonner

Apple’s iPhone 5 first-week sales figures fell short of the expected 8 million units, coming in closer to 5 million, well below analyst expectations for the much-anticipated device. But why? Does this mean Apple’s game is over?

It’s natural to wonder if this means that Apple no longer has what it takes, or that the iPhone 5 was an overhyped product. In today’s video, Fool.com analyst Andrew Tonner dispels these myths, pointing to issues of supply — not demand — as the primary reason behind lower-than-expected sales. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that maintaining its torrid pace will only get more difficult for Apple down the line. If you’re looking for a recommendation on how to play Apple, along with continuing updates and guidance on the company whenever news breaks, we’ve created a brand-new report that details when to buy and sell. Click here now to get started.

Google buys Snapseed developer Nik Software, raises the eyebrows of Instagram shutterbugs

By Jon Fingas

Google makes a lot of acquisitions, some of them more important than others. Its latest purchase might skew towards the grander side, as it just bought imaging app developer Nik Software. While the company is known for pro photography apps like Capture NX and its Efex Pro series, the real prize might be Snapseed, Nik’s simpler image tool for desktop and iOS users. Both Nik and Google’s Senior Engineering VP Vic Gundotra are silent on the exact plans, but it doesn’t take much to imagine a parallel between Facebook’s buyout of Instagram and what Google is doing here: there’s no direct, Google-run equivalent to Instagram’s social photo service in Android or for Google+ users, and Nik’s technology might bridge the gap. Whether or not Googlegram becomes a reality, the deal is likely to create waves among photographers of all kinds — including those who’ve never bought a dedicated camera.

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